"I am a maker of things: paintings, constructions, objects, reliefs. Call them what you will. My inspiration comes from seeing. Seeing and responding to how one form or shape laid next to another induces a response within. It is purely visceral. We are all trying to enter into that hierarchy of the best of beauty. To induce ( promote, provoke) a response from the viewer. For the viewer to be moved. In the end it is very simple. We succeed or we fail. In engineering terms, my work is not about statics. It is about dynamics, kinetics. I am an experimenter to find form. I have no rules for procedure or materials" - Tom Paiement

"In 2006, inspired by a cache of old ceiling panels scavenged from the building adjacent to his studio in Bath, artist Tom Paiement began a series of large- scale collages that would consume 18 monthes of his life. Collectively called Entropy, the three works that resulted from this intensive period of creativity are monumental in scale, sweeping in content, and stunningly constructed." Maine Home and Design, January / February 2010

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