Paiement states: "I can never anticipate what will trigger new work. Of particular interest to me are ideas inspired by something that is 'put together for you'. It can be the juxtaposition of shapes and colors of a landscape or something as simple as how the materials on my studio tables have landed together. They offer a jumping off point and a freedom that is wholly engaging. My materials are broad in scope. I am usually working 1 or 2 groupings ahead of myself searching for approaches that I want to explore more fully. This is, of course, the search for the Holy Grail." The Venice Beach Series as well as the Flowers Series are still works "In Process".


(40" x 27")

(24" x 24")

(24" x 24")

"Dance of the Tribes" detail

(24" x 24")

"Dance of the Tribes" detail 2

"Juggler With Fan"
(24" x 24")

(24" x 24")